Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Portfolio Piece!?

This is Liisi in her futuristic under-armor. This will probably be my most simple piece since I needed to get back into the swing of painting on the computer.

This is just a little picture of my process, I might stick that in my portfolio too since they like to see processes??

Here's a preview of my next one, another of Liisi. She's got a story and everythang.

weehaw. also Toy Story 3 was fantastic! I cried many tears.
I wore this to the event haha

Ah, I like this background better

Hey all, sorry I haven't done anything about that ugly background before. I think I like this one better. Let me know if you all have been up to anything new? I started going out to paint after work here in Emeryville. We're gonna try to make it a regular thing. What's Sonia been up to? Sonia, post some drawings from Russia!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

two colorsketchesss

Violet, The Bush Baby and some villains I am developing on their way to the convention. One of them, "the night anubis" or somethin, gets confused with Batman and he gets very frustrated. I'm a little concerned about the background....

And a forest thingie I just thought I'd share.

Some stuff from me too!

Sorry I've been absent too. I have been super busy with several projects after work. Mostly related to the ranch and summer camps!

I haven't done anything new, but I"ll post some of the stuff I had done for the Villians Project for now.

Clifford Doyle and Fish Windows

Hi people!! It's been WAY too long... but finals are over and we are FREE from school, which means more late-night drawing! I think Katie will recognize this character... hehe. There's plenty of info about him on the image, so I won't bore you with the details.

Also, I've been working on plans for redoing my fish-window picture. I have the rough here but I decided not to shade the whole thing for time's sake. I'm going to give gouache another shot, but do the whole picture much smaller, around the size of one of my sketchbook pages. I hope someone else will post soon so I don't look like a loser!! (hinthint)